Provide students with the necessary scientific knowledge and useful information on the study of various political phenomena.

the message:

A broader understanding of the themes of political thought, international relations, comparative political systems and governments in a systematic and analytical scientific framework that develops their scientific abilities and competence in the field of political science and its various fields of knowledge


1. Prepare and qualify students in the fields of political science and provide them with a high level of knowledge.

2. Develop students' ability to analyze and predict political phenomena and developments.

3. Creating a state of mental intelligence through theoretical and practical linkage of local, regional and international events and issues.

4. Develop methods and methods of scientific research in political science and employ them to explain and analyze the various political phenomena.

5. Taking into account scientific standards in the development of education and quality control.

6. Striving to develop the scientific capabilities of the members of the Commission and teaching them and utilizing them in the educational process.