- Achieving a pioneer role in the field of Geography and Geographic Information Systems.
-  Improving teaching Quality
-  Being distinctive amongst the other departments on the national ,regional, and global levels.


- Establishing a system of moral values and the commitment of  the rules of scientific trusteeship, encouraging creative thinking and freedom of thinking
- Achieving quality and assurance in education ,scientific research and community service by improving the students personality to enable him/her to be self-learner .
- Introducing selected programs that help the students to fulfill his/ her academic and personal  ambitions 


-  The continuous development of academic curricula to cope up with the   job market needs in the different geographic fields.
-  Improving the students' abilities of knowledge, understanding and application of new scientific curricula, In addition to mastering the basic skills of self learning
-  Adapting a clear strategy for scientific research by focusing on solving the community problems and environment
-  Publicizing the culture of quality   and encouraging  positive competition to improve the performance throughout the mutual academic dialogue.
-  Achieving the value of teaching this field of study by using the available sources and the investment of students abilities in understanding the environment   and deepening loyalty
-  Holding workshops and seminars for the academic staff to follow up with the latest scientific and technological improvements.

-  Satisfying the community needs by the distinctive scientific service for the department and conducting research to solve the community  and the environment needs.