Vision :

 We are looking forward to academic distinction on both the national and regional levels. It also struggles to improve the quality of education , and to cope up with modernity.

Mission :

The preparation of new national graduates  who are skilled and trained with the latest educational and historical methods who can cope with the job market needs. This can be obtained by applying flexible plans to solve problems using the historical science research


The commitment to the tolerant Islamic values

Establishing the freedom of expression and dialogue

Developing the sense of responsibility

Adhere to the obligations of the country   

Goals :

- Teaching the various subfields of history ( i.e. Arab. Islam. Global) throughout the multiple eras in order to understand the present and plan for the future.

-  Granting the BA, MA, and PhD scientific degrees.

-  Improving the syllabi to cope up with the job market, and the education quality which is based on scientific research.

-  Developing scientific research in history  using scientific methods and developing students' abilities of analyses and critical thinking

-  Rooting the national Arabic and Islamic identity, strengthening moral values and preserving their heritage.