The department took its vision from the discussion papers of King Abdullah II Ibn al hussein that were like the map that show the way to the education development to keep up with the international outcomes, so the Department paid special attention for  the courses, the academic staff and university environment by developing it and focusing on the quality not the quantity so it goes side to side with the current time and the community needs, including the new teaching methods far from the old and traditional methods.


The Department of Social Science search in the most effective scientific ,systematic and knowledge ways so the student can use what they gained in this Department of theoretical knowledge in daily life, so they gain the ability and the qualification they need to face the changes in their community, and the faculty aims to achieve this mission through different majors the faculty teaches to motivate the students to have that critical view that helps them to the problems i the society from the researcher eye who looks to provide solution for these problems   


  The Sociology Department is one of the crucial departments that are concerned in the humanitarian studies of social service and facing the changes that occur in it,

seeking the creation of a generation with the ability of production, research and knowledge in Sociology Science and using it to find solutions for the community crisis,

seek updated academic programs to fill full the need of the labor market within the clear view for the current situation and the changeable need of the community,

create an academic environment that takes in consideration the quality and graduation of students who have the self–evaluation for courses they were taught,

the aim of the previous objectives feeds into granting the graduates with knowledge, skill and efficiency that allow them to fill full the needs of the local, regional and international labor markets.