The Department of Political Science held a joint activity with the centers of young men and women of Mujib district and young women Rakin seminar entitled:

(Youth awareness in the concepts of integrity, transparency and the rule of law)

The lecture was given by Dr. Waleed Al-Ouimer and Dr. Radwan Majali

Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, has been keen to achieve justice and equality by protecting the rights of citizens and applying the law to all with utmost firmness and transparency and without any compromise or favoritism. In this regard, His Majesty the King has given priority to combating nepotism, nepotism and corruption in all its forms, calling on all state institutions to take measures to eliminate these phenomena.

In the sixth discussion paper, the King discussed the rule of law as the basis of the civil state. "The principle of the rule of law is that everyone, individuals, institutions and authorities are subject to the rule of law," she said. .