The college was established in 2004 and now it comprises five academic departments that grant  the BA, MA, and PhD scientific degrees. The college provides the students with advanced curricula related to their specialisations  that help them to easily join the job market.

The curricula have been designed to provide the students with the basic knowledge to improve the mental abilities that match the speedy changes occurring in the world around us. The activities held in the college directly relate to the national, regional , and global issues. We are in a continuous updating for the study plans to cope up with the latest knowledge . In addition . the college struggles to transfer knowledge throughout the application of modern education process, scientific research , and community service. Moreover, the college aims at preparing students for the job market who are equipped and skilled to satisfy the local and regional needs. Finally, the college department contribute in serving the local community organisations, public or private, in holding training workshops .

The college comprises academic staff members of 48 holding various academic ranks , and a number of students of 2210.


 Our mission is part of the whole of  the university mission. We aim at achieving the hopes and aspirations by focusing on improving the education  level of the students to obtain good quality, and the local and universal  academic accreditation. We try to improve research abilities and benefit from the latest developments to focus on local issues.  Finally. The advancement of the human resources of the academic staff is one of our priorities.


_ Graduating Students who are equipped with the main educational principles and skills to serve the educational system

_ Contributing in meeting  the local needs of educational staff in the different social sciences.

_ Improving the scientific research , and prepare the academic staff for the best to serve the university plans.

_ Designing plans and programs to improve the educational level of the students

_ Improving the  education quality and academic categorisation for the departments and plans in the college.